Nectar Mattress Review

Nectar Mattresses are a fantastic mattress to sleep on. They have spent about two years to develop the mattress to make it perfect that most people will love.

It is a new mattress in a box mattress company. It comes rolled up or in a box and is shipped directly from the company to your house. You can set up the mattress by yourself, or you can use their unique white glove assistance. It combines them setting it up and taking away your used mattress.


Nectar is 1″ inch higher than brands like it – it is 11″ high instead of the regular 10″ to provide you extra loft.

The risk-free trial, cover replacement and warranty together mean You will not get stuck with a crappy mattress or one that you just don’t like. I couldn’t resist, I was so interested, so I requested them to send us one to test out – for a year! To me, this mixture of protection is unheard of in the mattress manufacturing and takes a lot of the guesswork out of purchasing a Nectar mattress.



The cover is manufactured from a mixture of cotton and Tencel. It is breathable and soft mainly because from the Eucalyptus tree, Tencel is derived.

Motion Transfer

You’ll barely feel your partner moving in this mattress. Here is the perks of using memory foam as any motion is transferred by it. This makes getting out of the mattress a little distinct. I remember with my old spring mattress I’d bounce due to the nature of springs out of bed. Now I simply roll out of bed that’s less jarring.

Mattress Warranty

Nectar Mattresses company gives you 1 year risk free trial. Nectar has the largest free trial and warranty I have ever seen from any mattress – with a 1 year free trial period. That is a full year of sleep that you can try out in your home to see if this mattress is for you. Additionally, they have the regular free shipping and hassle free replacements.


The full size I have is $700.00 which is an excellent price. And there are also discounts! If you check their product page you will see discounts available. I’m not sure how long the offer is running, so don’t put off ordering if you want the pillows.


On a Platform Bed Frame to place any memory foam mattress, I find it great. I will avoid Box Springs If it’s an old box spring. If you are Using an old box spring, That can make sleeping too dangerous and is the biggest cause why many people complain about a mattress.

You need a durable and strong base under your mattress. Only make sure the slats aren’t too far apart. When you can get a metal bed frame subsequently get one as they hold up to time.

Then take a look at platform beds with wooden slats should you like a soft feel.


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