Memory Foam Mattress Topper Reviews

Back pain is very a common problem for millions of Americans. Looking for a remedy for back pain? The answer could be in our sleeping habits. Have you considered adding a mattress topper or cover to your bed? Doing so may offer quick relief to your back pain problem.

Best Mattress Topper for Back Pain: Memory Foam

Memory Foam is generally suggested by physicians as best mattress topper for back pain. Memory foam toppers can provide relief of joints and muscles, especially for people who suffer from arthritis, sciatica and any other orthopedic type problems. They are know for the anti-microbial nature and are best for anyone with allergies to dust mites, latex or molds. Memory foam toppers are easier to clean and less expensive than latex foam mattress toppers. When choosing a memory foam mattress topper, it’s important to note that a high quality brand will have less of a chemical smell. Memory foams are widely considered to be more comfortable than any other foam mattress toppers.

mattress topper
mattress topper

Advantages of Using a Mattress Topper

  • Using a mattress topper is a relatively inexpensive way to relieve back pain rather that investing in a new mattress set.
  • A mattress topper is placed between the mattress and the bed sheet, keeping the mattress clean underneath. It is easily removable for separate cleaning according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • The extra cushioning adds both comfort and luxury.
    Things to Keep in Mind when Choosing the Best Mattress Cover for Back Pain

Things to Keep in Mind when Choosing the Best Mattress Cover for Back Pain

  • Avoid plastic covers, they tend to cause excess sweating and stickiness
  • Pay attention to the height thickness of the mattress topper. Experts recommend a 3” height and a 4-5 lb density mattress topper. Thicker mattress toppers may require larger size sheets to cover the topper and the mattress completely
  • In case of severe back pain problem, one should consult with a physician about finding a quality mattress that is ideal for their specific pain needs.

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