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Tuck mattress vs Helix mattress

Both Tuck and Helix are newly release online mattress 2017. Both of them are customized(based on consumers’s requirement), both of them are hybrid mattress, are constructed with Foam, latex and innerspring(pocket coil), so what’s the difference between them? which one should I buy?

Height compare

Helix Mattress Height – 10.4”
Tuck Mattress Height – 11”

Bottom line,We can see Tuck is 0.5 inch higher than Helix bed.


Helix utilizes a 2.4” micro coil system
Tuck utilizes a 6” pocketed coil support system with higher gauge coil around the perimeter of the support system to provide users the edge support that most foam beds are missing

Helix uses various forms of poly foam in their bed, including 4” of base poly foam
Tuck uses 3.5 lb copper infused gel memory foam at the top of the mattress to keep you cool. Depending on how the bed is customized, it can/will also come with a 3.0 lb. continuous pour latex and/or a 1” layer of micro coils
Bottom line, Tuck components are far superior

Price and cost

While costs are nearly identical with $990 for a Tuck queen and $995 for a Helix queen, Helix charges $150 if you would like a dual comfort mattress, while Tuck does not charge anything additional as we feel that you shouldn’t have to pay extra to have a great night of sleep with your sleep partner.


To answer the the questions regarding the customization. Each mattress is customized based on the answers provided by the customer in our quick Sleep Test. The questions range from body composition to individual sleep preferences. As I said earlier, there is no additional cost for a dual comfort mattress, meaning if two sleepers would wish to customize each side of the mattress. Yes, you correct that how the mattress is customized does not effect the price.

Coupon code

Since there are not too much price difference on them, so how about the coupon code they provide? We reference a lot of mattress review site.

Helix provide $50 coupon code. But none from Tuck mattress. So from this point. You can save more if you taking Helix.




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